13 February, 2010

B o u n ɔ ǝ

It was the pleasant afternoon of the Diwali week, at Aurangabad. I had come here almost after a month from Pune, since the Swine Flu holidays.

I felt a powerful vibe to do something, anything. There was a powercut since morning and my cousin 'jam' was nowhere to be seen.

I had no internet, no one to talk to , and nothing to do. And I was very well prepared for this circumstance. So I brought along with me, my camera, a PSP, and the beautiful Sennheiser HD 555 Headphones. Thanks to my brother, Aditya, who got me those. Any sound that plays through those.... turns me on !

So, using my chair as a tripod, the PSP as the music player and the camera as ... the camera ! I decided to slingshot boredom into void, and create something to relive me of emptiness for the entire day.

I switched to the track "Bounce" by Timbaland. Yup, the same that was played in the ending of Step Up2 the Streets.
Although the music volume was very low, the beats really got me going. Music made me move.
And the recording started, the stage was lit, the music started, and the camera rolling ~
To be honest, I started doing the most random set of moves, that came to my head, that very second. It was instantaneous, it was on the spot. It was pretty awesome.

It was for my own entertainment. I liked the video, and kept watching it during the next 2-3 days.

I wanted opinion , and since jam wasnt the best of people for this job, I created a Video called B o u n ɔ ǝ , using Sony Vegas, and uploaded it on Youtube and Facebook,
The response was fairly good.
I accept that its a set of random moves, but it turned out pretty well, and I'm happy with the fact.