03 September, 2009

Choice for Students will carry a continuous burden ?!!

CBSE's decision to make the Board Exam optional doesn't seem wise. Most students will fall for it, and then realize that they are pressurized for the entire year.

Lets have a look at their article ...

CBSE has made X Boards Exams optional from Academic year 2010-11.

The announcement was made on 31st August, 2009. The government will be issuing guidelines soon in terms of actual road map for implementation. This means a direct impact on the future of a student's life. This is an effort to bridge the gap in current knowledge dissemination.


Union Human Resource Development Minister, Mr. Kapil Sibal on 31st August, 2009 announced a new directive for CBSE X boards.

  • The Directive is for next academic year 2010-11.
  • CBSE X board exams have been made optional.
  • Focus on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)
  • The evaluation system will be changed from marks to grades.


Que. Class X Board Exams are optional. How does it work?

Ans. This has 2 implications:

  • CBSE X Board Exams are Mandatory for Schools which have classes only till Xth Standard.
  • Optional for Schools with classes till XII Standard.

Que. What will be the new Evaluation System?

Ans. A new system of evaluation has been put into place that lays emphasis on better understanding of concepts rather than one-time mugging during exams. This is being termed as CONTINOUS & COMPREHENSIVE EVALUATION (CCE). Under Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), students will be evaluated throughout the year.

Now, there will be two terms in each year, not three. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) comprises of 2 assessments done over 2 terms - first and second.

Formative Assessment Summative Assessment
Grading class work, homework, assignment and project work. Based on the term-end exam.
2 evaluations each in the first and second term The first term-end exam will carry 20 marks
Each evaluation will carry 10 marks The second term end exam will carry 40 marks
Total of 40 marks from formative evaluation Total of 60 marks from summative evaluation

Que. What is the new grading system and how does it work?


New Grading Scheme

Grades will be awarded to students on a 9-point grading system. Each grade will be given on the basis of formative and summative assessment and will correspond to a range of marks:

Grade Marks
A1 95 +
A2 90 - 94
A3 85 - 89
B1 80 - 84
B2 70 - 79
C1 60 - 69
C2 50 - 59
C3 33 - 49
D <>

One wrong mistake , or one bad day ... will get you a 0/10 and that wont suffice the increasing need on the Board result during Junior College Admissions.

I've always hated homework , never liked the class tests but loved the projects.

The Board Exam , gives sufficient time for studying, holidays, enjoyment in the preparation leave. In fact, the prelims and preparation leave was the best time of my life, where I had sufficient time to sleep, have food ! , talk to relatives, and go at my own pace, unlike the hectic yet slow schedules of the school.

If you don't give the Board Exam ..... I'd just have to say ... You are missing out !
You'll miss out the preparation, the fun, the amount of communication about studies with friends, the iterations with the teacher. The solving of the sample papers.

While giving the boards, students can actually get a feel , that they are doing something big.

If it had been my choice , I'd love to give the Board Exam ~
and i advise you to do the same ~

Personal Experience :
Out of my personal experience, I'd say , that the Board year, was the best year of my life.
I had the most fun at Nath Valley School. I worked in almost all the events and occasions, and played most of the tournaments.

I trained myself after my first semester for the sports day. I barely completed the homework most of the time, but the teachers were very considerate in my case. The teachers taught us quite well. I loved working for The science exhibition, the interviews, the annual day , the Monsoon Fest (Nirlep), the sports day , Teachers Day.

In June , I was burdened to take Interviews, of some of the ex students, for the Science Fair.
Plus i was up for the Football Tournament, held in end July or August...
September was NIrlep , so September -1 = August , was full of work on Uma maam's Computer. I enjoyed working on the monsoon fest and Uma maam, more than anything else, or more than anyone else in the school. She gave me complete freedom of creativity.
Other than that , there was always a contant need of someone solving the teachers problems, on the computer. So i was pulled from teacher to teacher.
No. of classes not attended = Countless ;)
But i did my work at home. I covered up. In fact, I always thought that the 10th std portion was fairly..... Simple.
I changed the most in this one year 2008-2009. I became Global , stated thinking outta the box and , made a lot of new friends, including Juniors and Seiniors.

September 5 was the changing date of my life.
It was teacher's day. I dunno what i saw, but whatever it was, changed me Kompletely....

October was a hellish month. I remember sleeping at 4 , waking up at 5, just to pass, every single day due to the semesters. It was more than tiring. In 5 days, i hadnt slept for more than 8 hours. My eye power increased coz of that. By the end of it , i was soo tired, i felt like breaking down forever......, but then , I wouldnt be able to attend Diwali Mela, wouldnt i !!
and who wants to miss something like that ?

Diwali Mela was great, once again , i loved it

In the month of November , I barely touched corridors, leave Classrooms..
Right from morning , I loved to walk all the way from the parking lot, breathing the fresh air, looking at the ground, and directly to the Amphitheater. Setting up the sound equipment, running around to call the peons or Bhaiya's ... and the early practises before assembly, they were just great.
Btw, Children's Day was great, coz the school took us out. And i loved roaming the beautiful gardens..
and Sports day ... well , lets just say , it was'nt my day, although it was unfair, and all, i did pretty well, to shock most people out. Becuuse i always had it in me ... like in 6th , when i had won 2 golds in 100m and 200m ~
I missed an entire month of all school, from November 12th to December ending ... Annual Day :)
It was totally worth the experience.
In January , we had the prelims, we were allowed to go home early, But i had different plans :D I loved staying back at school. Just roaming in the campus, the beautiful green campus , and the ground.
My teacher's used to ask me... Why are'nt u going home ?
Well, I couldve said , I like it here... but i always landed up saying , there's no one at home. And there actually was no one at home !
I was alone, in Jan , and Feb , and some of March .
I attended a Rock Conert on a Saturday. after one of my second prelims, then, on Saturday, i attended the Lokmat Event on Sunday, with 2 of my friends and monday was rebuplic day. Tueday was my exam.
February was the fun month.
March was the Study month
All went cool
and The expereince was great :)


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