22 August, 2008

Usain Bolt breaks World Record in 100m - 9.69

Jamaican athelete Usain Bolt , also known as Thunder Bolt, as expected broke his own world record set on 31 May 2008, from 9.72 to 9.69 for 100m. He started Celebrating 20 M earlier.

I was waiting for this event and him since long. It was held on 16th august, the 100m Mens Finals. I knew he'd come first. He broke the 200M record too. But 100m is greater !

He didnt care about the world record, he just did his thing. Look how calm he is just before the race:In the start, he is slow, thats why de doesnt get tensed before the race, because he knows that he wont lead until the first 35 M
" Now you're gone " ! (have you heard this dance music ?, lols)
Bye Bye other ppls !
The largest Margin in a 100M ever
Celebration on 82nd meters !
yeah ! this is what made the race MOST interesting
we know you did it :)
Lead !
Look at the collosal difference !
Winner at last ! True Winner
Final Stride
Winner at last again !

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