12 July, 2008


Preeti Chachi, my Aunt a few months back told me about WALL·E, and that time, it was in PRODUCTION - stated my imdb.

And Then i Completely forgot about it. Most of these movies are not publicized in INDIA. No advertising is done. Here chances of piracy and screening or screen release stealing are low too. OK - Don't send the DVD's if you want to pacify Piracy, but at least Bring it out on Theaters, and advertise. Would'nt that get you more votes ? But no.
Even after no advertising and not publicizing , lets see what happened.

I did'nt know about it either because, I had referred to this > http://shomodor27.blogspot.com/2007/12/disney-movies.html from a cartoon movie database, about future animated or cartoon or disney-pixar movies.
Then i checked again, after release and it said , awaiting 5 votes.

And when i saw today , I was SHOCKED - 8.6 was the rating on IMDB !
and Top 250: #19 is this a JOKE !
Suddenly !
And people say that its "This is the best Disney/Pixar movie I have seen"
What about Ratatouille ? I can't believe that a better movie could be made.
Amazing , i have to watch it. Now that i have deleted PainKiller NCF's + Files , i have 3 GB Space, just enuf for a 2.5 GB HD RIP, but i wonder when Nhanc3 will release it.......

BTW, it put

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
behind it , to #20. i dunt like that, lets see if it's worth it.

Its the first movie, after 2002 (Cidade de Deus), and of course The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003), that has got such a HIGH RANKING AND RATING otherwise, all the other movie below WALL·E are from the 19's like 1972 - Mario Puzo's Godfather, or 1977 - Star Wars.

I bet it's getting an OSCAR for the best Animated Movie (2008), in the next Academy Award Event which will be in 2009.

Such an up-heaval never occured. Even Ratatouille was sent to #128 wihtout publicity.

Simply Wonderful
A Must Watch.

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