08 June, 2008

New Skill

It's like LEVEL UP !
I just found out.

Being in Years in the copying business, this has, made me do something different.
I'm so engrossed in copying, and suddenly , i start thinking about something.
Then i keep thinking, give my thoughts on that, and i notice, that i have copied, three full answers.
Without even knowing a word that i've written
Not a single word.

All i remember is, i was talking to my brain about a recent happeneing of me going to a friends house, to get the books.

This is really good.

The un-consiouss Brain, actually Shifted my eyes, at particular moments, and told my hand to keep writing it.

This is nothing...
All Kids can do this.
In fact, kids can do even more.
They can , actually do both the things, at once - concentrate on what they are writing, as well as think abt their thoughts.

But as they grow older, and big, you start losing the ability.

I remember when i was in 8th standard...
I used to remember when i last slept, where my location was.
As soon as i attented a few hectic days in 9th grade...
ability was lost.
I couldnt remember when i last slept.
I couldnt do things the way i did.

Now, the Un_consious Brain DEVELOPES RAPIDLY and for a reason, thats coz, only un-consious brain can help you to ----------------- , (if you dont want those dashes, just learn something about HYPNOSIS< or un-consious brain...).

No wonder, small things can change you a lot.

Thank You

I'm Shivam Bharadwaj
Signing off...

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