20 June, 2008

Firefox 3: 14 million downloads already & counting

Firefox 3, the recently released open source browser from Mozilla, has claimed that over 8 million copies of the software were downloaded on Download Day. The company stated early that their goal was to surpass the initial release of Firefox 2, at 1.6 million downloads in 24 hours, and hit 5 million downloads. The goal of the marketing campaign is to set a Guinness World Record for most downloaded software in a single day. A few days have passed and, barring the server downtime that plagued users for a few hours, the results look promising for Mozilla’s world record attempt. According to the official Mozilla blog, Firefox 3 easily cruised past 5 million user downloads. “We exceeded 8 million downloads in our 24 hour period,” the blog states. Downloads were tracked from 11:16am PDT on June 17th to 11:16am PDT on the following day.

The next step in the process is for Firefox 3 to be certified by Guinness World Records. To help get their audit logs in order, Mozilla has brought on two external judges: Paul Vixie, of the Internet Systems Consortium, and Corey Shields, of the University of Indiana’s University of Information Technology Services. Once the two judges and Mozilla feel confident that their download logs are in order, they will be handed over to the people at Guinness World Records for verification. If the attempt is verified, Firefox 3 will be the first recipient of the most software downloaded in a single day record. The process of having a record certified by Guinness can take two different paths. If Mozilla chooses not to expedite the service, the results will be released in four to six weeks. On the other hand, if the company opts for Fast Review, the results could be available in three days from the time the logs are submitted.

Firefox 3 is just awesome. The Downloads are not stopping.
Check >


Its just growing more and more !

Download from here


I've been keeping up with this Online Dance battle since 27 May, but didnt really get time to say...
So here it is >

John M Chu, the director of "STEP UP 2 - The Streets" Challenges Miley Cyrus and Mandy Jirox, who are known as Miley and Mandy or simply M&M, have their own (both) Youtube pages.
M&M is a video blog, where the two of em, keeping showing stuff.

Adam Sevani and John challenge them to the First Biggest Online Battle in Youtube History
ACDC - Adam - Chu - Dance - Crew
M&M - Miley and Mandy

The Dance Can include anybody, just about anybody, so heres the first one , where they challenge and step up the first Dance...

Then, its M&M's turn.... Personally, i hate Miley Cyrus, coz she is just toooo crazy.
And it was great when Adam says "Your dad, your uncle, you cook, your house maid !"

So, M&M fight back, With a special Guest - Channing Tatum !, pretty much of a good performance... But i am still with ACDC >>

Well, in the end they say "Thank You to Madonna and Justin for making such a great song! We love it so much we had to dance to it!" in the credits.

Then , the coolest Dance Video ever.....
The amount of Celebrities !
Just Watch !
DANCE BATTLE 2 w/Miley Cyrus, Adam Sandler, Chris Brown etc

The Credit Roll for the Video >
so many good people >
Chris Scott
Luigi Rosada
Harry Shum Jr
Flea Rock
Trent Dickens
Lucas Raynaud
JD MCelroy
Jon Scott
Sean Scott
Lil John
Madd Chad
Dave Scott
Kristi Crader
Plik Plok
Black Thomas
Telisha Shaw
Liat Baruch
Kelli Exum
Jamal Sims
Tommy J. Styles
Brianna Evigan
Robert Hoffman
Adam Shankman
Adam Sandler
Chris Brown
Brittany Snow
Amanda Bynes
Diana Ross
Elijah Kelley
Evan Ross
Brandon T Jackson
Lindsay Lohan


Tomoyasu Hotei- "Battle Without Honor or Humanity"
Available now on iTunes

Busta Rhymes-"Don't Touch Me"
Available now on iTunes

K.O.- "ACDC Mega Mix"

Miley Cyrus- "See You Again", "Nobody's Perfect" and "The Best of Both Worlds"
Available now on iTunes

Theres like, everyone !
Amanda Bynes, Lindsy, Brittany Snow, Elijah Kelly, Adam Sandler, Adam Shankman, MADD CHADD !, Lil John, and most of all CHRIS BROWN !
Down with ACDC !

Better Watch the Video in high qual by going to Youtube...

They Roasted M&M , really...

But then those two made another one...
I thought they were giving up and were completely roasted in the starting....
then in the middle i thought they'll do good....
but then , they are loosers....

In the end ACDC Rules !

15 June, 2008

When yer was small

When i was in 1st Standard , there were people making American Beauty , which won 5 oscars.
The movie was made in OCTOBER, sometime near my Diwali Vacation.
And no one told me !

Even the MATRIX was made when i was in 1st.
when i was in 1st standard.

I didnt know abt anything that time.....

who were making it , why , and how , and how good it is and soo much more...
and i was here, learning 2 + 2

Cool, if you think about it....

Just Co-incidence

No , not just co-incidence...
Somethings happening lately.

And also .. no .. its not my brain.
Whatever i see, its all coming true...

I see something about Duel, and there is a post about it in one of my fav blogs..
I see something about something , it comes , just right there

And its just too many things...

Like i saw Rain Man.
Then i suddenly get an opprtunity to download something about Kim Peek
and next day i see Tonight's Show with Jay Leno.... and Dustin Hoffman appears !

Well, it just entertains me...
Lets see what comes next.. :P

08 June, 2008

New Skill

It's like LEVEL UP !
I just found out.

Being in Years in the copying business, this has, made me do something different.
I'm so engrossed in copying, and suddenly , i start thinking about something.
Then i keep thinking, give my thoughts on that, and i notice, that i have copied, three full answers.
Without even knowing a word that i've written
Not a single word.

All i remember is, i was talking to my brain about a recent happeneing of me going to a friends house, to get the books.

This is really good.

The un-consiouss Brain, actually Shifted my eyes, at particular moments, and told my hand to keep writing it.

This is nothing...
All Kids can do this.
In fact, kids can do even more.
They can , actually do both the things, at once - concentrate on what they are writing, as well as think abt their thoughts.

But as they grow older, and big, you start losing the ability.

I remember when i was in 8th standard...
I used to remember when i last slept, where my location was.
As soon as i attented a few hectic days in 9th grade...
ability was lost.
I couldnt remember when i last slept.
I couldnt do things the way i did.

Now, the Un_consious Brain DEVELOPES RAPIDLY and for a reason, thats coz, only un-consious brain can help you to ----------------- , (if you dont want those dashes, just learn something about HYPNOSIS< or un-consious brain...).

No wonder, small things can change you a lot.

Thank You

I'm Shivam Bharadwaj
Signing off...

05 June, 2008

Nett Back - Me Back

Came back from Pune yesterday.
Great stay there.
Feels sad to come here
Feels good to be back home !

I am hearing the Previous Post song.
It makes me happy :)

Went to the college - women's
got AMMATE back

Data safe...

Gotta Complete Homework...

04 June, 2008

MY My my, MYSELF 'N I !

A great track.
I simply loved it.

From the movie > Big Fat Liar.
Why did i see that movie ?
Coz of Amanda Bynes
She has become my favourite star.
More , later

Seen some movie >
Big Fat Liar, Lovewrecked, What A Girl Wants
all hers...
now layte ...

Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself And I - Jive Jones