02 May, 2008

Ratatouille Music - Michael Giacchino

I really loved the movie Ratatouille, everything was a perfecto.
The story was great, the animation just ravishing , and music was just yumm !
and i felt like eating all the time !

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This post focuses on the music though.

This movie had its own music unlike other movies. Brad Bird had the right sense and knowledge to take Michael Giacchino's help for the movie's music.

His Orchestral band just proved right and made stunning piece of music nominated for the Oscars twice...for different fields in 2007.

You might not have heard of Michael Giacchino, but you almost certainly have heard his music. He's composed the scores to films like MI:3, The Incredibles, and, most recently, Ratatouille. He's worked on TV shows, including Alias and Lost. He's worked on videogames — at least a dozen of them. In fact, videogames is where Giacchino (pronounced juh-KEE-no) got his start, and where he just returned, with the soundtrack to EA's WWII shooter Medal of Honor: Airborne (in stores Aug. 28).

He has done , quite a lot of work.

Out of the music he has composed for Ratatouille, my favorites remain

Le Festin

Wall Rat

Souped Up

A New Deal

Dinner Rush

Ratatouille Main Theme

There is an entire group with all the music,I made on imeem.com

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