16 January, 2008

another day another dollar :)

Really nice site.
As i told earlier, i need those 99 bucks.
So, this site, is the one, that is really doing the job.
Its, been 3 days since i joined there. And , I've earned 3 $

My stats :

  1. You earned $0.50 33 minutes ago (StumbleUpon).
  2. You earned $0.50 1 day ago (StumbleUpon).
  3. You earned $0.50 1 day ago (Digg).
  4. You earned $0.50 3 days ago (StumbleUpon).
  5. You earned $0.50 3 days ago (StumbleUpon).
  6. You earned $0.50 3 days ago (Digg).

Iwud've got a nice $5, but then , i was in school, when 3-4 offers, just came and went on completeion of others.

But seriously, what you have to do is, just digg thier articles. And vote up, or thumb um (stumble), their articles.

For each set of 'vote ups' and 'diggs', you get 0.5 dollars !, not just that... that was old, now , i mean after 16th Jan, which is today , it is 1 $ per set of diggs, or 'stumble ups'.

A set usually contains, 3-5 sites.

It takes, 2 minutes to do one task, and u get ur $ !
it is awesome. Fast, reliable, paypal verified :)

So join in >
and plz refer me >

official blog>

It has really helped me a lot, till now..
i recommend it..

1 comment:

JaMi said...

interesting thing, maybe you can try this : http://www.tnx.net/?p=119580008

i make some decent dollars from last month :)