23 January, 2008

Blu-Ray outperforms HD DVD 6 to 1

Last week, Blu-ray had its best week ever with 85% of the high-def disc market share, according to trade publication Home Media Magazine. Since the beginning of the format war, Blu-ray has been consistently outperforming HD DVD, but never at such a large rate. The second-place format was dealt a big blow a couple weeks ago when Warner Bros announced it was dropping HD DVD support, preventing the format from gaining any momentum during the Consumer Electronics Show.

Additionally, Home Media Magazine reports that the 10 top-selling HD titles last week were all Blu-ray Discs, the first time that not one HD DVD made the list. At the top of the list was Blu-ray’s 3:10 To Yuma, which sold 10 times as many discs as the HD DVD release of The Kingdom. These numbers motivated some fans of HD DVD to start a petition called “Save HD DVD” - it has collected over 13 thousand singatures so far, but I really doubt it can change anything…

16 January, 2008


Risk , became an astonishing success.

Just after minutes of payments, i'm Premium , yea !
and that too , its life time :)

now , lets see, if i can make up my cash. And earn more. :)


trusted this site...

and bought premium for 12 $ Lifetime offer !

12 $ !!!! not thats a steal offer !..
they plan to raise it to 29.99 in February.

Transaction Details >

Dear Shivam Bharadwaj,

This email confirms that you have paid DailyClicks LLC (support@dailyclicks.biz) $12.00 USD using PayPal.

Payment Details
Transaction ID: 8DE07364923050301
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Order Description: DC Premium Membership
Buyer: Shivam Bharadwaj
Message: my username is shom

It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in the Recent Activity list on your Account Overview.

Business Information
Business: DailyClicks LLC
Contact E-Mail: support@dailyclicks.biz

If you have questions about the shipping and tracking of your purchased item or service, please contact DailyClicks LLC at support@dailyclicks.biz

Now, i have 2 $$ in my paypal account :|
But i guess, i'll make up :)

nice PTC

here is an example of a nice PTC
they are helping me a lot....
in earning..
for my valve complete...


another day another dollar :)

Really nice site.
As i told earlier, i need those 99 bucks.
So, this site, is the one, that is really doing the job.
Its, been 3 days since i joined there. And , I've earned 3 $

My stats :

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Iwud've got a nice $5, but then , i was in school, when 3-4 offers, just came and went on completeion of others.

But seriously, what you have to do is, just digg thier articles. And vote up, or thumb um (stumble), their articles.

For each set of 'vote ups' and 'diggs', you get 0.5 dollars !, not just that... that was old, now , i mean after 16th Jan, which is today , it is 1 $ per set of diggs, or 'stumble ups'.

A set usually contains, 3-5 sites.

It takes, 2 minutes to do one task, and u get ur $ !
it is awesome. Fast, reliable, paypal verified :)

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It has really helped me a lot, till now..
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13 January, 2008

My Paypal

My Account Overview

PayPal Balance
Currency Balance
U.S. Dollar: $14.00 USD

Just received my payment from abijit, a Nepalese guy who wants to become a pro. And i think he will. He is really nice guy. You can trust him. Anyway, I sold him my CS Anthology 1 containg steam account named shomodor27 , which is , 19.97$ on steam. We had a deal for 11$. But , its ok now, nothing happens....

He deserved to get it :)

I dont have any account now. I had shomodor, but someone stole it :(

12 January, 2008

My first income

My first income, not paid by the site. But by my own upline. He is a really nice guy, gives me 3$ for 500 clicks :)

My other PTC's have 4,8,12,11,4 $
so , i need to keep clickin. Basically , i want Valve Complete. 99$, but so many games !

The image “http://storefront.steampowered.com/v/gfx/subs/478/header.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

06 January, 2008


New year resolution jokes by me

I made 2 new year jokes...

Friend: Whats your New Year Resolution ?
Me: Well, I'll be more organized.
Me: I'll arrange folders by name ^^

Friend: Whats your Resolution for the new year ?
Me: hmm, last year it was 1024x768,
Me: now, it'll be 1152x986 !

05 January, 2008

Nirlep snaps

IMPORTANT : Ok, the following 1 PICTURE is not done by me.... This single picture below the text that i'm typing is the old Nirlep certificate , which is being used for the past 9 years...
Just comapre it with my certificates..... :D !

PLZ click to enlarge to see in full quality...
my creation .. below...
temporary certificates made by me..

some sanps from the movie...made by me..

thats good !

more , later..

01 January, 2008

Happy .. 2008

Merry Christmas n a happy New year...
currently having headache....

was very busy..
am very busy...

thank u for wishing..
have a properous n a happy , non-hectic year like me....