21 December, 2007

3Ds Max 9 on Vista ?!

Yes, took me... a day to make 3Ds Max 9 to work on Vista. Everyone said , that it wont work. Went to each torrent site. No help found. Was gonna buy 3ds Max frm winamra, coz i though there's some problem in the installation (coz already it was a huge process, n confusing for some). But then , made it work.

This is for Lakhmeet...
that pric..!

1]Right-click 3ds Max shortcut > Properties. Then Under Compatibility tab, check mark Run as Administrator. Apply.

2]Right-Click My computer > Properties > Advanced system settings > Then in System properties, under Advanced tab , click Settings. Then in Performance options, select the Data Execution Prevention tab.

3]Under this tab, click on add, then browse to your shortcut, (on the desktop, probably), select it, and click Open. Make sure it is check marked. Also make sure , that you have chosen the second option button (which says "Turn on DEP for all Programs and services except those I select"). Apply.

4]Double-click your shortcut nd as usual... Viola !, It works !


Hasi said...

WoW!!! It worked!!! Thanks a lot dude!!

shom said...

Happy to help ~