28 November, 2007

YESS ! i hogged it i hogged it !

i joined this website... yesterday
Its a PTC basically....
and there was a problem in the website...
it was a serious SQL problem
so what it did was ..
as it lost all its members info ...........

it ressetted all accounts to 4.98
and saying this line

"UPDATE: We have fixed the SQL error. The clicks will now be counting again! Due to this error, we have updated all members accounts to a total of $4.87 (300 referral clicks and 25 own clicks). We are once again sorry for this inconvienence and wish you all the best of luck in earning! If you encounter any problems with our site in the future, please be sure to let us know! Enjoy our program!


YEA !, i JOINT THIS SITE on the right day !

feeling so happy !


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