28 November, 2007

Google finishes Gdrive, personal internet storage

Internet titan Google has announced plans to launch a file storage system, which will enable users to securely save files on the Google hard drive. The files will be available for access via the Internet, from computers and mobile devices anywhere in the world. The service will offer a yet-to-be-specified storage amount for free, with additional storage space available for purchase. The announcement of the storage service is apparently not new news, as rumors had been circulating in the past about a similar service, dubbed as Gdrive. The Wall Street Journal sees this new product as a way for Google to increase their stakes in the long-time rivalry with Microsoft.

There has been some concern regarding the issue of privacy, with the user’s files being posted on the internet, and will be accessible to hackers. A Google spokeswoman addressed this concern, saying “It is certainly approached with the utmost sensitivity on our end…We have extensive safeguards in place currently to protect our user data and we have a very strong track record in this regard.” Google has also assured attention towards copyright issues, as the storage service will allow file sharing, hence risking the illegal distribution of music and other copyrighted products. Are you crazy enough to let someone else manage your personal data?

My problem about this one is that, it will take a lot of time to transfer in and out all the files. Basically its giving way to huge piracy because people will use to as download servers !

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