27 November, 2007


Our English project, given on a very wrong day.
Perhaps , I had no time to this at all. Literally no time. And with the blocking of the internet, this task was like the movie "The Great Escape" (good movie ! )

With no help , no internet, or anything on hand..... I had to do the entire 30 minute shoe on my own. Right from the start.

Information i knew > i had 7 ppl in my group. thats it !

Decide everything !

nd yes... started my work at 6 in evening after coming back from school, ended up ... nearly at three at night. Each minute was a curse... but was fun too !

The entire script..... really impressed my teacher ! n my fellow mates...

The worst part of the whole thing was that...i had done all the hardwork..nd i got no credit out of it..... It was a great show, everyone liked it, as i always Made by shom, but then .... no one knows who did what ... , n there goes all the credit ... in the lane.... far beside (srry for wasting time...)

The thing is.... that ... my group members know that i did it , in one day , alone.... till 3 at night...
and they really dont care....

Its goes like this ....

" Once you come into shom's group, RELAX ! "

NO , its always been like that..... and my group members .... just relax ... and after the project , dont even thank me .. or even say , hey , u did a good job ... nothing

Just collect the prize and WHOOSH , "who are you... do i kno u ? " !
It has happened all the time..

Some of them like my Annual Day website, Cday Movie, all my science projects, some maths projects, n presentations, THE FLASH BACK RADIO SHOW , where i really deserved a real somthing... but got nothin...

and AJ n all are like... i though he'll say good job or smthing.. :(
Aj did help me for that intervie thing....


anyway , off to the radio show.....
i changed the names , cause , our names wernt quite keeping up the show... so here's the script that i wrote...

Some part will be missing of course, the name will be specified. .. >
but for most of the part... ive written n written....!

For the show, i was the Anchor. My name is Rob Simpson.


Rob : Welcome to Flashback RADIO I’m Rob Simpson

Mark : And I’m Mark Dolven

Rob : Flashback Radio, you very own entertaining radio station.... just for you, .................................... __________________ brought to you buy, Maggi 3 minute Noodles...No taste .... No health

Mark : and TATA Ground, the best TV cable network around ...

Rob : Well .... If you have a boring day in front of you, today, then keep listening to Flashback Radio. Also today is Tuesday....

Mark : Is it really ?

Rob : Yes, today is Tuesday ... and every Tuesday we have

Mark : “Your Celebrity Special”

Rob : Yes , you heard that right folks, so don’t miss out this special weekly show ....

Mark : Now to get going ..

Rob : Get going to the jukebox

Mark : We accept all your calls, and you choose a song....

Rob : ( EARLY INTREPTING) WE already have a caller !

VARAD1 : haalo ,

Mark : Hello, what is your name

VARAD1 : Muj hey voh Gana chahi yey ....

Rob : Can you speak in English sir...

Mark : Sir ..........

Rob : We are currently experiencing technical difficulties, but the lines are still open

Mark : So , keep calling

Rob : and without further ado .....

Mark : I hand you over to John , who will give some fresh NEWS !

JINESH’s PART ABOUT SCHOOL NEWS.... again... dunno how he go it !

Rob : Thank you John ..

Mark : for the enlightening news..

Rob : We have a caller for the jukebox....

VARAD2 : Hello , my name is Vikram

Mark : Hello Vikram , where do you reside ?

VARAD2 : in N-3 CIDCO ...

Rob : Tell me your favourite , which should we put up..

VARAD2 : II’d like “Mauja hi Mauja” by Mika Singh

Rob : (INTEREPTING) I got you right..let’s swing it on......

RUSHI”S SONG ... contact me for special (different) lyrics of this song

Mark : That was really good....

Rob : now, moving on...we take a break.... but don’t touch that fine tune...

Mark : we have some good advertisements too !

[ ]SALE SALE Cell..... Get 10 ever ready Batteries for the price of 9 only ! at SMALL BAZZAR

[ ]Parle M Milk Shakti

[ ] Brittania , eat unhealthy , think unhealthy, live unhealthy

[ ] Thumps Down.... Taste the lightning.

Mark : Welcome back...

Rob : As, always, now its time

Mark : for our weekly review with RAJESH.

Rob : about one of the latest musical releases ...... Hairspray, over to you Rajesh

ROIT’s "HAIRSPRAY" REVIEW - written by me, contact me , if you want to have a look ...

Mark : So don’t miss out that film...

Rob : Now, for the fun part !, JOKES WITH JACK !

Mark : Hope you like this one... ! Over to you Jack


Rob : That’s was entertaining wasn’t it..

Mark : of course , it was.......!

Rob : Let’s take a small break..... Again

Mark : don’t fine tune or you’ll miss out the Show of the week !


[ ] Geeta of std 7 c , has lost her dress bag, she has pleaded the one who will get her to meet her immediately

[ ]Shubham Lalwani of 5c has lost 2 of his rubbers, the one who gets it , will get a treat from his Tiffin !

Mark : Welcome back ...

Rob : This is the moment you have been waiting for.... It’s time for ...

Mark : YOUR


Mark : SHOW !

Rob : And we have to day here with us , the captain of TEAM INDIA, Mr M DHONI !

Dhoni : It’s my pleasure being on this show. I’ve always wanted to be on this show since I started playing cricket.

Mark : When

Rob : and where

Mark : did you play your first International match for India ?

Dhoni : it was against Bangladesh at MA Aziz Stadium, Chittagong on 23 December.

Mark : What did you feel after scoring 183, not out and achieving the title of Maximum amount of runs scored by a wicket keeper ?

Dhoni : I thought ............................ I’d get many sponsors after the scoring this title.......it was...... unexpected though...

Mark : Can u please answer the question on a serious note ?

Dhoni : Well....... I was serious!

Rob : Is leading team India an easy job ?

Dhoni : Not as u think it is ...... there is a lot of pressure of media and the advertising agencies .......They start criticizing you when you are not in form ... and specially of those advertising agencies ..... They start giving adds like “Milk and Shakti Bisucuits” and you see leading is not an easy Job.

Mark : Winning the 20-20 Worldcup.... as a captain...... do you think you will be able to lead this team into a better way ?

Dhoni : Yes, I think I’d be able to lead it in a better way ...

Rob : What do you think as Team India as a whole ??

Dhoni : Yes, I think It’s doing well. Everyone is getting a lot of ads and sponsors and there is .......

Rob : No, I want the sports view of it ...

Dhoni : Oh! Yes.... It’s doing well, that way too ! We have SAHARA group supporting us. Nike is providing us with everything necessary and some companies like Blue star, Wipro, Ree bok, Reliance , Tiger Biscuit

Rob : : (INTREPTING) Yes , Yes ..... We also have our own advertising section,,,,,, please don’t go anywhere,

Mark : coming up .....

Rob : we have a quiz and a song of Dhoni’s choice.

Mark : But now , we’ll have a short break......


[ ] Cadbury Bournvita ! Do you have the Boruvita Cowardice ?

[ ] Pepsi.... Yeh , Dil mangey no more...

[ ] ACT 3 Popcorn , popcorns in 4 minutes.

[ ] Colgate Total 13, solves tooth problems, 13 hours a day !


Rob : Welcome back to “Your Celebrity Special”.....

Mark : Now it’s time for our quiz with our very own Dhoni.....

Rob : 3 questions on the go , here comes the first.... ...

Mark : Who is the first Prime-Minister of India

Dhoni : Woaoaoaoaw , you caught me off guard................welllllllllllllllll........i thinkkkkk....... it will have to be OUR VERY OWN ,,,,,,,,, OUR FATHER OF THE NATION! ! ! Mahatma Gandhi.

Rob : okkkk.... Who was the first Indian woman President of India .. ?

Dhoni : aaaaaa............................Its very easy,,....,,, Indira Gandhi .

Mark : the last one, What is the currency of Nepal ?

Dhoni : hmmmm Peso ? No wait ... its yen...

Mark : that’ll be enough !

Dhoni : how many did i get ?

Rob : Lets just say , you did well !

Mark : Now, a song which you’d like to hear ,,,,

Dhoni : I’d like to hear .... Aankhon Mein Teri ...

Rob : Allright !

VARAD”S SONG ! ... contact for special lyrics , if needed

Rob : now , a Book review by Jhon...


Mark : That was nice

Rob : Indeed it was...

Mark : so was the day...

Rob : Yes , i’d rate this day A – Awesome.....

I’d wish it had continued.... but in vain ! is the pain ! ......

Mark : Dont worry, we’ll be back tomorrow

Rob : For now signing off to all the listeners , im Rob Simpsons

Mark : n dim Mark Dolven,




was good... after all took me some 8 hours to write all this in one shot !

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