09 November, 2007

Exclusive : Poll Vote Flooder - Flood 31 Votes From One Profile

So here you go, Orkut introduced Polls and now we introduce the Poll Flooder :)

This flooder script allows you to flood 31 votes with one profile. Ain't this awesome considering those Mr Face of Orkut Contests where you need to flood the polls :o)

How to Flood 31 Votes For a Particular Option With One Profile?

  • Download this Notepad Text file (not posted here because of HTML Validation issues)
  • Copy paste this script in your address bar (Script is 100% safe to use)
  • Press Enter
  • Now you'll be asked which option to flood
  • Enter The Numeric Value ( example - For 3rd Option = 3 )
  • Now, you'll be asked how many votes to flood
  • Choose any range between 1 and 31
  • Wait for 2-3 seconds
  • That is all, now the option is flooded with 31 votes


Anonymous said...

Not working totally fucken script.....

jass said...

its not working..