26 October, 2007

no time in holidays

ive to do alotta things,
#1 total training - Adobe illustrator
#2 pro - Adobe photoshop
#3 total training - Adobe after effects
#4 learn intermediate - 3ds max

#5 learn basics - Sony Cinescore (this doesnt have any other levels than basics, the software developed this year)

#6 pro - Sony Vegas
#7 and some basics of advanced google sketchup pro.....

thats a lot.....
#1 takes 2 months to learn
#2 takes 7 months, or even a year
#3 takes 6-8 months,
#4 takes hell lotta time ! 6-10 months course months course
#5 2-3 days ! for a person that knows basics of sound forge or acid pro or sony vegas.
Mostly shud kno sony vegas, thats how the've recommended it , there is no actual course.
#6 that wud definitely take a year
#7 2-2.5 weeks.

n, im using a very hypertonic solution to squeeze em alllll in just a period of 2 weeks, my diwali holidays .

on top of that i'll have to do my crappy homework......which is a lot.. !

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