22 September, 2007

Interview with /\/\4$T3|2 , the user fomly known as N008

History project , compelled me to take this infoful interview.....

shom : Do u think Hitler was good or bad ?

/\/\4$T3|2 : Bad

shom : and why is that ?

/\/\4$T3|2 : I don't think that knowingly killing thousands of people, no matter which religion or origin, is a good thing, or is it?

shom : Why do u think he hated Jews ?

/\/\4$T3|2 : He was raised by them. So it's just some kind of typical hate/grudge against those that raise you against your own will (his uncle was a Jew as far as I know)

shom : Was he insane ?

/\/\4$T3|2 : He wasn't dumb. He used those that wanted to use him. So you could say he was an unique genius. On the other hand he never understood the worth of a human life. How important it is. You could say on a rating from 1 to 10, 1 being mentally handicapped and 10 completely nuts, i'd give him a 6.

shom : What effect does he have on present day Germany.

/\/\4$T3|2 : Every German, that is proud of his country, and shows that is getting called a Nazi, no matter if he thinks the same as Hitler or not .For example raise a German flag in your garden here, and you'll be called a Nazi, for no reason. Just look at US or France. There they can raise their flag with pride at any time, and they are called patriots. Why not in Germany? All because of our past

shom : true......

shom : What would you (as a German) do , if you were a mere person.... in 1933 , when Hitler became chancellor ?

/\/\4$T3|2 : With the knowledge that I have today , either commit suicide, because I wouldn't want to live in a world ruled by Hitler or try to kill, stop him no matter how.

shom : What do u think about the HOLOCAUST ?

/\/\4$T3|2 : Many people here still pretend it never happened, but we've got proof that it DID happen. The holocaust was the worst event in the last 200 years if you ask me. The Jews that were killed during the holocaust never had a choice.

shom : What type of government would you have liked after ww1 ?

Dictatorship , Democratic , Socialist ? Any other ?

/\/\4$T3|2 : The heavily discussed topic about governments...In my opinion each type has got it's negative and positive sides, to start with i hoped that there were never a WWI or similar and the type of government I’d have preferred?

shom : yes...

/\/\4$T3|2 : Socialism, but the people aren't ready for that yet, they are still too greedy .

Democratic would have been great

or was, but they never really finished their constitution.

shom : Thanks a lot , for this interview and info......

/\/\4$T3|2 : np ^^

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