04 September, 2007


Comp practicals = 20/20

for all of you you had some trouble >>
it was text property of combobox that you had to fiddle with.
text property determines what the user has selected.

so u shud've done >>> smthing like
If combo1.text="G1" Then

here text1 is the basic salary.
also the checking of G1 , G2 , G3 etc was to be written on the click event of the respective combo box. SIMPLE !

also the upper case command was supposed to be put out on >> keydown event on that text box
command was ---

and for the counting thing... i dont know why people went on doing the static thingy !
it was just a one line code to be written on the DISPLAY button (at the end) code.
It was to be written just after the msgbox appeared
just 1 line ! ! ! !


here text1 is the textbox which contains the number.... yes the number like 1 (no.of employes)

thats it...
everything else was easy though.
Comment on how did u do and how much u got or how much u expected................

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