25 September, 2007

I have no idea why there are spaces in the post below !

anyways , here's more info > thetwenty20worldcup.blogspot.com

Not ususally fond of cricket , but hey ! , we won the world cup !

Twenty20 World Cup, 2007/08
India vs Pakistan, Final

The Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg, September 24, 2007

Match Information
Umpires: Mark Benson (Eng) & Simon Taufel (Aus)
Third Umpire: Daryl Harper (Aus)
Match Referee: Ranjan Madugalle (SL)
Toss: India (Elected to bat)
Match Status: India won by 5 runs
Man of the Series:
Shahid Afridi

Batting: India Innings

Batsmen India (157/5 in 20 ovs) Runs Balls 4's 6's SR
Gautam Gambhir c M Asif b U Gul 75 54 8 2 138.89
Yusuf Pathan c S Malik b M Asif 15 8 1 1 187.50
Robin Uthappa c S Afridi b S Tanvir 8 11 1 0 72.73
Yuvraj Singh c & b U Gul 14 19 1 0 73.68
Mahendra Singh Dhoni (c) (wk) b U Gul 6 10 0 0 60.00
Rohit Sharma not out 30 16 2 1 187.50
Irfan Pathan not out 3 3 0 0 100.00
Joginder Sharma

Harbhajan Singh

Rudra Pratap Singh

S Sreesanth


b - 0, w - 4, nb - 1, lb - 1
Total:(157 for 5 in 20 overs) 157 Run Rate: 7.85
Fall Of Wickets

1/25 (Yusuf Pathan, 2.4 ov.), 2/40 (Robin Uthappa, 5.4 ov.), 3/103 (Yuvraj Singh, 13.3 ov.), 4/111 (Mahendra Singh Dhoni, 15.2 ov.), 5/130 (Gautam Gambhir, 17.6 ov.)

Bowling: Pakistan

Bowler O M R W Nb Wd ER
Mohammad Asif 3 0 25 1 0 1 8.3
Sohail Tanvir 4 0 29 1 0 2 7.2
Shahid Afridi 4 0 30 0 0 0 7.5
Mohammad Hafeez 3 0 25 0 0 0 8.3
Umar Gul 4 0 28 3 1 1 7.0
Yasir Arafat 2 0 19 0 0 0 9.5

Batting: Pakistan Innings

Batsmen Pakistan (152/10 in 19.3 ovs) Runs Balls 4's 6's SR
Mohammad Hafeez c R Uthappa b RP Singh 1 3 0 0 33.33
Imran Nazir run out (R Uthappa) 33 14 4 2 235.71
Kamran Akmal (wk) b RP Singh 0 3 0 0 0.00
Younis Khan c Y Pathan b J Sharma 24 24 4 0 100.00
Shoaib Malik (c) c R Sharma b I Pathan 8 17 0 0 47.06
Misbah Ul-Haq c S Sreesanth b J Sharma 43 38 0 4 113.16
Shahid Afridi c S Sreesanth b I Pathan 0 1 0 0 0.00
Yasir Arafat b I Pathan 15 11 2 0 136.36
Sohail Tanvir b S Sreesanth 12 4 0 2 300.00
Umar Gul b RP Singh 0 2 0 0 0.00
Mohammad Asif not out 4 1 1 0 400.00
b - 1, w - 6, nb - 1, lb - 4
Total:(152 for 10 in 19.3 overs) 152 Run Rate: 7.79

Fall Of Wickets

1/2 (Mohammad Hafeez, 0.5 ov.), 2/26 (Kamran Akmal, 2.3 ov.), 3/53 (Imran Nazir, 5.4 ov.), 4/65 (Younis Khan, 8.3 ov.), 5/76 (Shoaib Malik, 11.3 ov.), 6/77 (Shahid Afridi, 11.4 ov.), 7/104 (Yasir Arafat, 15.6 ov.), 8/138 (Sohail Tanvir, 17.6 ov.), 9/141 (Umar Gul, 18.5 ov.), 10/152 (Misbah Ul-Haq, 19.3 ov.)

Bowling: India

Bowler O M R W Nb Wd ER
Rudra Pratap Singh 4 0 26 3 1 0 6.5
S Sreesanth 4 1 44 1 0 2 11.0
Joginder Sharma 3.3 0 20 2 0 2 5.7
Yusuf Pathan 1 0 5 0 0 0 5.0
Irfan Pathan 4 0 16 3 0 1 4.0
Harbhajan Singh 3 0 36 0 0 1 12.0

The Teams

Gautam Gambhir, Robin Uthappa, Yuvraj Singh, Yusuf Pathan, Mahendra Singh Dhoni (c)
, Rohit Sharma, Irfan Pathan, Joginder Sharma, Harbhajan Singh, Rudra Pratap Singh, S Sreesanth, Dinesh Karthik (sub)
, Virender Sehwag (sub)
, Ajit Agarkar (sub)

Mohammad Hafeez, Imran Nazir, Younis Khan, Shoaib Malik (c)
, Shahid Afridi, Misbah Ul-Haq, Kamran Akmal (w)
, Sohail Tanvir, Umar Gul, Mohammad Asif, Yasir Arafat, Salman Butt (sub)
, Fawad Alam (sub)
, Abdur Rehman (sub)
, Rao Iftikhar (sub)

Meu desktop

Click to enlarge >

Just look at the seed:peer ratio

Please Click to enlarge and see the ratio under the seeds and peers column38:0 !!!

40:0 ! ! ! !

24 September, 2007

The Simpsons S19E01

This happens all the time, it seems. A less experienced group will try to win the race and release whatever they can before the usual groups do. But unfortunately most of the time the release will have some big problems and issues that will require a proper version. This sort of thing occurs with season premiers lots, and especially with animated series. From YesTV’s NFO, STFU’s release has been nuked for various reasons: bad cropping on the top border, low bitrate on the audio (80k), group request. But that’s not all. I have viewed the YesTV sample and there are also problems. YesTV’s rip is lagging oos, and also at the top of the video we have a pulsating effect that is quite annoying. So we will have to wait for the REAL.PROPER, but since there’s not a REAL.PROPER out yet I’m going to post YesTV’s torrent for anyone to not enjoy. We also have a f*ck up by CTU, releasing the HR verison of this episode. It was nuked for bad.AR.show.isnt.WS and BAJSKORV released the proper. Greets out to BAJSKORV, if they like to read rlslog. Unfortunately Fox Network nuked it too. Tonight’s Simpsons episode is the first episode of the 19th season. Titled He Loves To Fly And He D’oh’s, it guest stars Lionel Richie as himself and Stephen Colbert as Homer’s life coach. The critical reception of this episode is not too well, with IGN giving it a 5/10 and Entertainment weekly rating the episode a B- calling it a “minor diversion at best.” Post in progress. The viewer reception is received as ‘Great’ on tv.com with 8.2/10 with 30 votes.

After Homer saves Mr. Burns from drowning in a mall fountain, Burns thanks him by taking him on a whirlwind trip to Chicago on his private plane. Homer is smitten with the luxury jet and all the perks that come with it, including flying with song legend Lionel Richie, who serenades him with a customized version of “Say You, Say Me.” After returning home, Homer makes it his mission to find a job that offers him the chance to fly on a corporate jet and enlists a life coach, guest star Stephen Colbert, to help fulfill this dream.

512×384 29.97 - 175MB
Homepage - IMBD - TVrage.com - TV.com - Wikipedia

Torrent - Trackers - NFO - Samples: #1 , #2 , #3, #4, #5, #6

22 September, 2007

Interview with /\/\4$T3|2 , the user fomly known as N008

History project , compelled me to take this infoful interview.....

shom : Do u think Hitler was good or bad ?

/\/\4$T3|2 : Bad

shom : and why is that ?

/\/\4$T3|2 : I don't think that knowingly killing thousands of people, no matter which religion or origin, is a good thing, or is it?

shom : Why do u think he hated Jews ?

/\/\4$T3|2 : He was raised by them. So it's just some kind of typical hate/grudge against those that raise you against your own will (his uncle was a Jew as far as I know)

shom : Was he insane ?

/\/\4$T3|2 : He wasn't dumb. He used those that wanted to use him. So you could say he was an unique genius. On the other hand he never understood the worth of a human life. How important it is. You could say on a rating from 1 to 10, 1 being mentally handicapped and 10 completely nuts, i'd give him a 6.

shom : What effect does he have on present day Germany.

/\/\4$T3|2 : Every German, that is proud of his country, and shows that is getting called a Nazi, no matter if he thinks the same as Hitler or not .For example raise a German flag in your garden here, and you'll be called a Nazi, for no reason. Just look at US or France. There they can raise their flag with pride at any time, and they are called patriots. Why not in Germany? All because of our past

shom : true......

shom : What would you (as a German) do , if you were a mere person.... in 1933 , when Hitler became chancellor ?

/\/\4$T3|2 : With the knowledge that I have today , either commit suicide, because I wouldn't want to live in a world ruled by Hitler or try to kill, stop him no matter how.

shom : What do u think about the HOLOCAUST ?

/\/\4$T3|2 : Many people here still pretend it never happened, but we've got proof that it DID happen. The holocaust was the worst event in the last 200 years if you ask me. The Jews that were killed during the holocaust never had a choice.

shom : What type of government would you have liked after ww1 ?

Dictatorship , Democratic , Socialist ? Any other ?

/\/\4$T3|2 : The heavily discussed topic about governments...In my opinion each type has got it's negative and positive sides, to start with i hoped that there were never a WWI or similar and the type of government I’d have preferred?

shom : yes...

/\/\4$T3|2 : Socialism, but the people aren't ready for that yet, they are still too greedy .

Democratic would have been great

or was, but they never really finished their constitution.

shom : Thanks a lot , for this interview and info......

/\/\4$T3|2 : np ^^

15 September, 2007

10 September, 2007

Poster for school

made it 3 days ago, finished at 4 in morning...
did it real fast....i dunno why people are praising it
maybe coz of the medal on trophy, which was real hard...

here tis -

the actual size is 10800 x 5040
which is some 10.2 MB in size, so i cant upload it on blogger ... so i resized it and here tis >

this version is 4200 x 1960 which is 2.44 MB (blogger allows upto 8 MB).

04 September, 2007


Comp practicals = 20/20

for all of you you had some trouble >>
it was text property of combobox that you had to fiddle with.
text property determines what the user has selected.

so u shud've done >>> smthing like
If combo1.text="G1" Then

here text1 is the basic salary.
also the checking of G1 , G2 , G3 etc was to be written on the click event of the respective combo box. SIMPLE !

also the upper case command was supposed to be put out on >> keydown event on that text box
command was ---

and for the counting thing... i dont know why people went on doing the static thingy !
it was just a one line code to be written on the DISPLAY button (at the end) code.
It was to be written just after the msgbox appeared
just 1 line ! ! ! !


here text1 is the textbox which contains the number.... yes the number like 1 (no.of employes)

thats it...
everything else was easy though.
Comment on how did u do and how much u got or how much u expected................

02 September, 2007


The Posters I designed for aiya`dt
all in black and white coz they were supposed to be put on whole college , therefore xerox >>>