30 August, 2007

10/10 again

this was a prac test (Computers)
man that was such an easy code....
i got 10/10
for those who want it >>>

'program where user enters an odd number for starting point and any number on ending point and the program prints all odd numbers between starting and ending number and their (the printed number's) sum.

Private Sub Command1_click()

for m=a to k step 2
print m
next m

msgbox("The sum of the odd numbers is: " & b)

End Sub

MASTER liked his bday gift

made some four images.... for MASTER'S bday....
and he liked it
he liked it more than wanted... thats what made me happy....
the best thing was.... that he really like it and was sayin it again and again and again... lol !
of course there were disturbances like powercuts and homework..... but who cares..
just do it (not a nike product)

Big ones > speciall the first one, for fittin in on MSN and google chats...


17 August, 2007


Computer theory test > 10/10
practical > x/x

its x because i dunno how much....
(it means i got full marks)

today's day was great

i dunno why .... but everythin frm morning was cool !


Around 2 months ago , I was searching for a movie that would introduce "what is esports" and"gaming and professional gaming"

It was a whole loottta waste of time.

As part of my school project...i Made it at last ... that too in one day !.... which is my fastest.

a 6 minute video .

it is like a presentation .... not only the movie... there's also paragraphs that i had to speak out.

If u wanna use it , the presentation.... ie: the movie and the .dox or .txt file will be uploaded by me when i get time.

The .txt or .dox file contains the paragrahs u gotta speak. It also contains when to start the video and when to stop.....

16 August, 2007

long time no post

much awaited readers...though you guys are hardly a few people.... !
posting going to start from last week of this month......
USER TRICKS n Tips by me coming up............................................