08 July, 2007

couldnt write coz m very BUSY

preparing for unit tests.....
got very litlle time to write.....


saw many movies--
EPIC movie, Next, BORAT, Ghost Rider, Shooter and some more , dnt remember....

i also got VEGAS 7.0 e ! Adobe Affter effects + alotta plugins (lots i tell u) + Adobe Photoshop CS2 + Particle Illusion 3.0 with nice tuts + NERO 7.0 ULTIMATE (HUGE) and many more.....

learn how to hack windows password in 4 ways---

  1. CMD - but cannot hack admin account frm guest
  2. CMD - long methos , can hack any account frm any account
  3. Windows in built program to crack any password, its a graphical interface !!! - unbelivable but true !
  4. a small exe file , very nice one !
got 5 out of 5 in chem, bio, phy, geo (index makrs)

also got 15 on 15 in geo test.....

Changed my PSP like woow ! now my version is not 1.5, its 3.40-oe-A which is so cool !
i dont need any hooks now , just the ISO , thats it ! unbelivable good!

and all fetures like INTERNET EXPLORER

i even changed the theme---------- its awesome ..... many advantages..
now im checking for a plugin to take screenshots ..
This version is more resistant to bricking of a PSP .... or shud i say ,, its BRICK PROOF... coz there is a recovery program even if ur PSP gets bricked....
researched alot !
the only danger of brickin is when u change ur version.... after that its heaven .... so ill be posting a few photos later...

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