09 May, 2007

Visual TEST

Ive edited my photo. This is a visual test.. follow insttructions..
Ive edited it , too much.. I mean , look at the ceiling ! a wallpaper which is a tripod frm HL2 ! the upper wall , first person view , my eyes.. blue (maybe there is a hidden object...)

In the edited photo find the following...
1> Bart & Homer Simpson
2> jam
3> a snapshot frm Counter Strike, ull have to tell me the map & the gun im holding.

RECOMENDED > click on the edited PHOTO > A new tab/window will open > the photo will be of huge size > press right click > save as > save it whereever u want > open it with Windows Picture And Fax Viewer > ZOOm in to find the three things

Correct answers will be given in the comment one and a half day after the first comment (answers by the readers)

Ill rate u out of ten. So give u answers in the comments of this post or in the CBOX ....

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