06 May, 2007


Day before yesterday was pure ownage in COD UO multiplayer game.
as HOLYY was the host , he disabled anything that he liked , like NO PANZERFROZTS
NO ANTI TANK WEAPONS , in some rounds.. its just unfair... his rulz , his teams ...WTF
but allas have a look at the scores....
In every game , I was in the minor team . eg. it was always ME vs ALL OR ME&someone vs HOLYY and BALACK and PUSHKAR

See the whole album of screen shots I took --
Click em to enlarge--

JUST INFRONT ull see 3 dead bodies.. all fragged with a BAR ! at the same time.. PURE OWNAGE ... look at my health when they tried to pounce on me ....
This was a nice one .. BALAK and HOLYY sleepin....


Later Holyy said that we'll play CS.... and the teams ... me vs JINNDI LASH, HOLYY, BALAK, PUSHKAR

I agreed to that ...
but then HOLYY wasnt using proper rulz... like mp_fadetoblack 0 was there ... mp_fadetoblack 1 has to be there ..... he was using his own rulz .. i even told him to set mp_autoteambalance 0 and mp_limitteams 0.. so the autobalnce doesnt happen and his answer ... "IVE PUT EVERYTHING , u go down and play" ....how can we play without that ! ?? He is not a good host, uses his own rulz . .I wish aiya`dt wud been here, then it wudve been a great game.. HE hosts on his POWERFULL DELL , with proper settings .. in his room , in this house..ON LAN ! (thats very much...)
RESULT: the game wasnt played due to akward rulz like autoteam balance and limitteams... he just said "GO DOWN AND PLAY OR QUIT , dont play"
Even in COD , he said i was cheating ! lol !

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