13 April, 2007

हिंदी on the INTERNET ....

हिंदी on the internet is a nightmare , worse than a nightmare, worse
just remembered a few verses of the peom "Isabel"

Worse than a dinosaur , worse than a shark ,
worse than an octopus , oozing in the dark.

I cant belive who started this HINDI bloggin on blogger.com. Coz i have a very bad experiece.....

When i was small , Cartoon Network was in ENGLISH language , and i liked it as much as ... whatever... then one fine day , CN started a a small program about 30 minutes of popular cartoons in HINDI. After some days CN was changed into HINDI.

I was like ..... dead... meaningless, boring language... and the dubbed version changed the meaning of the whole program.

The whole country was growing illeterate actually it is growing illeterate , when CN was in English , at least kids cud learn some ENGLISH , but now its worse , ohhh, u dunno how i hat हिंदी , ooooooooh दरं दमिद GRRRRRRRR , i hate hindi .

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